Welcome to American Trainz, formally Amtrak Trainz Group.

In 2015 we changed our name to American Trainz Group. So why the change?

After operating for a few years as Amtrak Trainz Group, I've noticed that we are starting to broaden our horizons and are now hosting much more then just Amtrak stuff on our website & in our group. So with a website re-design I've been working on I decided it was a good time to change the name, and with a name change comes a logo change.

You can read about the change in our series of blogs here:

American Trainz FAQ

We'd like to answer some of your questions about American Trainz, Amtrak Trainz and the re-launch:
What is American Trainz?
American Trainz, is a group of content creators making content for Trainz Railroad Simulator. We were formerly known as Amtrak Trainz Group.
What happened to Amtrak Trainz Group?
After some discussion and thought, deicided to rebrand Amtrak Trainz Group into 'American Trainz'. Other then the name change and the website redesign we're still the same group with the same content.
Why "American Trainz"?
We decided to go with American Trainz for a number of reasons. Primarily we wanted to choose a name that was much broader in terms. Before the transistion while we focused on Amtrak, we also had content & discussions for other railroads from around the world. We also chose the name due to it's similarity to our former name. We didn't even need to change our abbreviation!
Why isn't your stuff on the DLS?
Legal reasons. N3V claims rights to make money off from any assets you upload to the DLS. Some of our content has liscense restrictions that do not allow money to be made off from them. It is easier to just not upload anything.
However we do have a "retirement program." Select assets when they get old enough and new tecniques are learned by our staff will get uploaded to the DLS; often times newer versions of the assets are uploaded here.
Additionally individual creators can decide on their own to upload their content to the DLS.
If you want the most recent version get it from here.
Some links & pictures are missing
There are a few things that didn't get finished before deadline. This is primarily due to time restraints. We will be rolling out little fixes to web pages as they become finished in the next few weeks.