Norfolk Southern

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Norfolk Southern BP-4 #999 (BP-4)
The Altoona Works BP4 is a 1,350 hp (1,010 kW) B-B battery-electric locomotive rebuilt by the Altoona Works of the Norfolk Southern railroad. It is the result of a conversion of an existing EMD GP38-type locomotive. This involves replacing the existing prime mover with a set of 1080 12-volt lead-acid batteries, and associated control equipment.

Despite appearing somewhat similar to a conventional diesel electric locomotive, the BP4 has no diesel engine; battery charging is provided by pulling in an external power source. Battery life is extended by the use of regenerative braking, which returns power to the batteries. The BP4 is designed to operate 3 shifts on a single battery charge. Only 1 BP4 has been constructed so far, Norfolk Southern #999, converted from GP38 #2911 (former Conrail #7732) .Description from

Jointed Rail
  • GP38-2 Engine Spec
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  • Bloomberg B Type Bogies
Norfolk Southern Topgon hoppers (Topgon)
A pack of two NS coal hoppers, reskined from Joram24's model on RRmods.
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