South Bay Commuter Express - Red Line

South Bay Commuter Express Route & Sessions.

South Bay Commuter Express Route & Sessions.
The "Payware Session" requires payware from Jointed Rail. The "Freeware Session" will be online soon & does not require any payware. Both sessions are free to download from AMTZ.

Remember this Route was Built with Trainz 2012, Not recommended for any other versions of Trainz. A TS9/10 version is in the works.


WARNING You must be a registerd Member to JointedRail and USLW to gain access to downloads. There are 2 kuid's that everyone will have missing. We should have an updated version up in a while that doesn't contain the custom truck's.

  • JointedRail
    • Dragging Defect Detector
    • Safetran and Searchlight Signals
    • Signal Detail Kit
    • Signal Corona Kit
    • All the Track Packs
    • For the Session you will need the following:
      • BNSF ES44DC (Payware)
      • UP ES44DC (Payware)
      • UP GP38-2 (Payware)
      • UP SD70ACe (Payware)
      • 4 Bay Hopper Pack
      • AP53 Wellcar FEC Weathered
      • 40ft High Cubed Containers
      • 40ft Standard Cubed Containers
  • USLW
    • Clearance Markers
    • Platform Low Asphalt 03 & 02
    • Relay Box Generic
    • Relay Cabinet
  • RRMods
    • BNSF HiRail Trucks
  • Neoklai
    • All Animated People Packs
  • Amtrak Trainz Group
    • Vehicle Pack
    • Billboard Packs
    • Texture Packs
    • SBCX Contnent (available below)
      • SBCX Bombardier BiLevels
      • SBCX B32-8WH
      • SBCX Sign

That should be it! all other assets can be obtained through the Trainz Download Station.

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