Amtrak SDP40F Pack

In 1971 when Amtrak was formed, it inherited a mess of different locomotives from different railroads to run its passenger trains. In 1973, Amtrak ordered the SDP40F from EMD, based off the SD40 diesel. Amtrak ended up with 150 of these locomotives to take over its long distance routes. They came equipped with Steam Generators to heat the old outdated passenger cars found on the longer routes. However a series of derailments led to the demise of the SDP40F's, replacing them with the workhorse F40's we know and love. They had a short, but troubled life, several survived into the 21st century as SDF40-2’s on the Santa Fe and BNSF until they were scrapped in 2002.....With one exception. 644 (BNSF 6966) was painted in a special Maersk paint to celebrate the opening of peir 400. While not operational at the time, it was a nice point on the train. After several special occasions, the unit was brought to the Portland and Western Railroad, where it IS in service and operational, although there is some debate on who actually owns the locomotive, but the simple fact is, despite horrific odds, 1 out of 150 of these locomotives has survived.

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