What's happening with the Download area?

PerRockPerRock Administrator Posts: 90

As a lot of you may have noticed I've had a lot of issues & errors with the online store. Due to the numerous problems with the store & the primary fix not being something I can do (server-side admin fix is needed) I'm going to migrate to a new system.

As you can see (if you're logged in), I've added categories here in the forum for downloads & will be migrating the content here. You may have heard of plans to upload to the content DLS, but the amount of work required to bring all the content up to current standards for the DLS is more than I can do. So I decided not to go that route.

While this project won't happen overnight, expect to start seeing content appear soon. I will make an attempt to prioritize content that is currently broken in the store.


  • PerRockPerRock Administrator Posts: 90

    Update, most of our scenery items have been migrated today & are now available for download on the forums. Both the NS Ferry Sub & Industrial Spur routes have been migrated as well. South Bay Commuter Express will come in the future.

    The BBL Surfliners will be appearing in the next few days as well as the new Superliners being moved into the released section. Here is a teaser of the BBLs, the new set will include a matching F59PHI (old one pictured).

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