Some links are unavailable/dont show up at all

BearBear Member Posts: 8
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i am having issues with some items in the shop not being able to be downloaded

the GE P40's/P42's in Phase VB don't show up at all when attempting to download it. it shows up in the catalog, checkout and cart and thats around it for accessability.

The Roadsigns-Warning has an unavailable button when attempting to download



  • BearBear Member Posts: 8

    Update: 184 seems to have this Phase VB issue aswell. i suggest you go to the forums download section and inspect element then click on the link. dont know for the signs

  • PerRockPerRock Administrator Posts: 87

    The "store" download site is no longer updated or used, links will be broken & never fixed. It's only still online incase I need to grab a few things off from it, when updating stuff here on the forums. There have been a number of posts here & on the N3V forums about this.

    Use the download section here on the forums.

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