Suggestion - Update Amfleet and Heritage Equipment

Trainmaster189Trainmaster189 Member Posts: 1
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May I please suggest something old and Amtrak related that can be fixed up for American Trainz Group? 

I would like to suggest fixing up Magicland's Amtrak passenger fleet (on and maybe make these old cars look new again with better textures. Under "Former Payware Items", you can find the old "Amtrak Pack" and there's you can find the Amtrak heritage fleet as well as the Amfleet I cars (correct scale size, interiors, and passengers which the Amfleet II versions don't have) which aren't on the DLS like the Amfleet II versions are.  


  • PerRockPerRock Administrator Posts: 84

    Without magicland's permission I wouldn't be able to release them & I'm not really interested in doing much with those old models, they ideally need more work than what I'm capable doing.

  • kjoafkjoaf Member Posts: 2

    Fixing old models can bed exhausting to fix sometimes.

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