United Lunar Fleet's leadership & command structure

Fleet Leadership Tree with the responsibilities & benefits on hover.
Fleet Rank
Account Name Fleet Characters Character Rank Responsibilities
Deputy Director @PerRock Meej Fleet Admiral Founder
Athena Fleet Admiral
Director Emeritus @Lee Giden Captain Founder
@Lee is currently not active, and holds his post in an honorary capacity. Messages to him will not be answered.
Commanding Officer - Office of Recruitment Open      
Commanding Officer - Fleet Resources Open      
Commanding Officer - Public Relations Open      
Commanding Officer - Personel Administration Open      


Fleet Resources

Fleet members must request access to the resource database.

Public Resources

Fleet Banners

Fleet Wallpapers

Fleet Uniform

There are two fleet uniform varriants. Type A uses no restricted uniform parts, whereas the Type B varriant will include alternate pieces that require purchasing from in-game stores.

United Lunar Fleet Uniforms View the Uniform Guide pdf.