Membership In ULF

The United Lunar Fleet has a number of fleet ranks, each providing different levels of access depending on your role in the fleet. Most members, once past the probationary phase can volunteer for an open position in the fleet leadership, which is explained below.

United Lunar Fleet Departmetns.

Current Fleet membership requirements

Starfleet & Romulan Republic Officers wishing to join ULF can contact our Recruiting Officer or one of their superiors. Either in game or through the membership application form here. New recruits are put into a probationary period for ## days, to trial how well they get along with other fleet members. Probies must team up with other fleet members during the probationary time. Upon completion of the probationary time, Fleet officers & participating member will discuss the Probie & come to a decision on inclusion into the fleet.

As we are currently looking to grow our numbers, the normal recruiting system has been simplified. Officers wishing to join may contact our Recruiting Officer or one of their superiors. After answering a short questionnaire, a decision will be made on your application. One of 3 options will be decided by ULF officers:

  1. Applicant is admitted into the fleet
  2. Application is rejected
  3. Probationary time is requested.
    • At this is a shortened version probie time will consist of a minimum of one mission flown with another fleet member. Following the mission your application will be re-evaluated.

Application for membership